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How to Calculate Vinyl Siding Costs

siding vinylCalculating vinyl siding costs includes a lot of factors. Aside from the construction material itself, other costs should be taken into account, including the size of the project, labor, tools and permits. It is difficult to give an exact total price when erecting vinyl siding. Costs are greatly variable – not even construction companies or contractors can give homeowners a specific price when they give estimates.

But there are many ways to get an idea of how much vinyl siding costs. In addition, homeowners can do a lot of things to help themselves budget for vinyl siding installation. Discover what factors should be considered when calculating vinyl siding costs and explore techniques that can be done to stay within the budget.

Vinyl Siding Installation

From materials to labor, the price of vinyl siding installation can range from a couple of hundreds to thousands. Vinyl siding is one of the cheapest construction materials available today. It is often calculated on a per square foot basis. When doing a ball-park estimate of a house’s exterior area, the total livable space is measured in square feet then added with any other attached structure such as the garage. This total measurement is then multiplied by the base price of the chosen vinyl siding.

Main vinylVinyl siding brands come in a variety of prices. A useful general rule is the more expensive a siding, the better the quality. But of course, to ascertain quality, researching about the brand is better than depending on the price. Depending on how the vinyl is manufactured, each type of vinyl siding also has its unique color and properties. Pricing also depends on the thickness, grade and the style. The basic price of vinyl siding greatly depends on the homeowner’s preference and the size of the house, which makes it variable at most.

As with most other construction jobs, labor for vinyl siding installation takes the brunt of the total cost. This also depends on the contractor, which is why shopping for prices from various companies is highly recommended. Cheaper does not mean a better deal – there are a lot of contractors that can take advantage of homeowners this way. Before hiring a contractor, it is important to get references and assurances to know if they are reliable.

Tips on Budgeting

To help budget for a vinyl siding installation, begin by getting an estimate for the home. Establish a budget range to keep from getting too many trims and other improvements. Never compromise on performance; instead, get a thinner but quality vinyl siding which costs less but performs well. It is also wise to get bids from a number of contractors. This way, prices can be compared and untrustworthy companies weeded out in the process.

Vinyl siding lasts longer if maintained well. Fortunately, vinyl siding is not very demanding. Homeowners need only to wash the siding at least annually to keep it clean. Checking for damages at a regular basis should also be done so that the homeowners can remedy any issues as soon as possible.