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Get Your Siding and Trim Installation Underway

good-siding-contractorThere comes a time in every home’s life when it needs to be revitalized. Some homes are re-painted, others are remodeled. Re-siding is one option available to many homeowners whereby the old siding of their homes is torn down and new siding is installed. The size of a re-siding project can range from very small – such as replacing a single wall that has been damaged – to very large – like installing new siding for a multi-story building. The methods used to install new siding depend to a certain degree on the type of material the siding is made of.

While it may not be overly difficult for one to install siding on his/her own, you’d be surprised at how quickly and easily a job can go wrong if certain things are overlooked. A simple mistake can end up costing a lot more than just the price of the products used on the job. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, and if you wish to avoid any installation mishaps, it is highly recommended that you rely on the services of renovation professionals. The skills and expertise that they are able to offer can save you a lot of time and money and ensure that your siding is installed correctly, the first time around.

What’s it Takes to Install Siding

We will go through the first steps involved in installing new wooden siding. This should give you an idea of what it takes to do a thorough, quality job and why it may be a wise decision to contact your local renovation experts.

siding-and-roofingWooden siding and trims in older houses are prone to rotting after several years of usage. This rotting occurs when water seeps into the siding through the corners of the windows. The rotting will usually start at the trims of the windows before spreading to the siding and possibly even causing damage to the studs underneath. Other types of damage common in siding and trims can be attributed to termites, or even just poor construction.

After selecting the desired new siding, our first step would be to remove all the window, door, and corner trims around the house. Once off, check all the old siding to determine whether or not the substructure is in good condition. Once all rotten wood is exposed and cut out, check to see what shape the cavity of the wall is in and make repairs as needed. Since no siding is completely waterproof, the house is then wrapped with house wrap and flashing to keep moisture from seeping in. Now, you are ready to install our new trim and siding.

As you can tell, this could end up becoming an expensive project, and may create a lot of stress for you as a homeowner. You want to make sure that it is done right, the first time around. Let put their experience in home renovations and get you estimates from qualified reliable contractors in your area. When the job is completed, your house will have a higher value and a lot of beauty for many years to come.