How To Buy Aluminum Siding

Standing Seam Aluminum Siding
Standing Seam Aluminum Siding

So it’s time to take the financial plunge and re-side your house, as you are aware there are many options available on the market today, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You may want to consider a low-maintenance option such as aluminum siding. Aluminum siding first came to market following World War II as surpluses in aluminum lead to new uses. Aluminum siding quickly rose in popularity as its low maintenance benefits were recognized.

While traditional wood siding still offers the best classic aesthetic, there are many drawbacks to using the standard pine, cedar, or redwood, clapboard and shake siding. Wood is labor intensive to install and requires much more maintenance. Wood is susceptible to termite and insect damage, as well as rot, and will ignite in the event of a fire. Additionally if you are painting the siding, you will need to invest heavily in repainting or treating the siding every 4 to 9 years. Ultimately if you’re staying in your house long term you can count on a number of paint jobs and ultimately replacing the siding again.

Aluminum siding offers many advantages to wood siding. First and foremost its low maintenance qualities offer significant savings over the life of the product. Aluminum siding comes pre-finished in any color you’d like; meaning after it is installed there is no need to go back and paint it. Most importantly it will not rot and is great for areas prone to corrosion as it will not rust. Aluminum siding also is the most resistant to fire of any siding material available. While aluminum offers many advantages and cost savings there are also drawbacks to consider. Wood is the gold standard when it comes to aesthetics, nothing compares to the look of a house with real wood siding. Many aluminum siding brands are available in wood grain patterns to mimic the look and feel of real wood; however it never looks as good as the real thing. While aluminum doesn’t rust it does corrode slowly, resulting in a chalky substance on the surface after a number of years, this means eventually you will need to repaint it. Also aluminum siding is susceptible to denting and repairs can be very labor intensive. This means you need to take care and make sure you watch for any trouble spots before they become expensive repairs.

At the end of the day aluminum siding is still a serious contender in today’s siding market. It is affordable and offers far less maintenance than wood, if cared for properly it can easily last as long as the life of your house.

Finding a Reliable Aluminum Siding Contractor

Aluminum House Siding
Aluminum House Siding

Aluminum is one of the most economical materials used as a siding in homes and commercial buildings. Aluminum has many advantages over vinyl, another popular economical choice among property owners. Aluminum siding can withstand hot and cold weather as well. Unlike steel, another popular alternative, it is not susceptible to rusting and cracking, and is virtually resistant to pests. Aluminum is also far stronger than vinyl, but extremely bendable, which make them ideal for houses with specific shaping. Aluminum is eco-friendly and recyclable, which is a plus for homeowners who are conscious of their impact to the environment.

Despite these clear advantages, aluminum siding is highly prone to dents. Hails and stray balls can easily cause visible indentations on the siding. In addition, replacing these damaged portions can be problematic. Aluminum paint can chalk over time, and color mismatches can happen when old aluminum boards are replaced only after a long time.

These natural flaws in aluminum make it imperative for property owners to look for only top-quality aluminum siding contractors to construct, repair, and supply them with materials. With the right contractors, these flaws can easily be overcome, and aluminum’s best qualities will come out for the benefit of home and commercial building owners.

Contractor’s Responsibilities

Aluminum siding does not cause a lot of problems when erected and maintained correctly. The quality of construction and the products is the responsibility of the contractor. Aluminum for siding use should be industry-grade. Check the quality of the aluminum by asking for certifications and information regarding the grade of the aluminum used. If the contractor is also the manufacturer of the material, then the contractor should not hesitate to produce the correct proofs. The same goes for distributor-contractors. The products should also have warranties and guarantees: these are an indication of the contractor’s assurance on their products, and their commitment to their customer’s satisfaction.

Chalking is one of the biggest issues property owners encounter with aluminum. Cheap and subpar paints fade quickly, giving the siding a poor appearance. Painting aluminum is important to maintain its overall look, and it is the job of contractors to use only the best paints and the correct preparation to make them last long on the surface. Aluminum can be repainted a number of times, but making it stick to the surface is dependent on the skill of the contractor.

Repairs and maintenance of the siding is crucial to its performance and its life. Contractors must be able to provide information on the best way to clean aluminum without leaving dents. They should also be at hand to provide replacements in case of damages or any issues.

Looking for a Reliable Contractor

A reliable aluminum siding contractor should be able to provide the above mentioned services with flawless workmanship. They should also carry with them documents ascertaining their identity and services. Certificates attesting to the quality of their products and services should also be available. A reliable contractor can be found by thorough research and background checks. Before hiring a contractor, make sure that they are well capable of fulfilling their responsibilities.